The Internship

Welcome to “Google Crashers 2.0″

google1Sometimes it just feels good to have a few belly laughs and light moments amidst the noisy summer blockbusters. “The Internship”, delivers plenty of laughs, as well as a scenario many of us can relate to.

When sales reps Billy (Vince Vaughn) Nick (Owen Wilson) learn that their business (selling watches) has folded, they realize their 20 something year careers have been demolished by the digital world.  (Even their boss’s 70-year-old secretary gets the time from her cell phone.) But, after all, a sales rep’s best tool is the ability to talk people into something, and after Googling a job search and getting no results, they manage to talk their way into coveted internships at… Google. However, gaining entrance to this utopia is only half the battle. The rest is having to compete with a group of the nation’s most elite and wily 22-year-old, tech-savvy geniuses in order to prove that necessity really is the mother of re-invention.

Never underestimate the power of Vince Vaughn. He may be a one trick pony – but it’s a pretty entertaining trick, and Vaughn and Wilson (who also co-starred in the highly successful “Wedding Crashers”) have their patter and rhythm nailed. It doesn’t hurt that Vaughn wrote the story and co-authored the screenplay with Jared Stern.  And while the basic fish-out-of-water concept isn’t new, Vaughn and company have put a smart spin on things by setting the scene at the “Googleplex” —  Google’s Mountain View Campus, where most of the exterior scenes were shot.  This is really taking product placement to a whole new level.

Google was ranked the number 1 Best Company to Work For in 2012 by Fortune Magazine, and “The Internship” does nothing to dispel that image. According to the company site, “The Googleplex is home to scores of buildings, each with its own personality. With hundreds of bikes and scooters at our disposal, getting around campus is easy. There’s beach volleyball, a bowling alley, a climbing wall, over 25 cafeterias (all food is free), more than 100 micro-kitchens and seven fitness centers.”  The movie doesn’t have to exaggerate much to make “Googlyness” look pretty amazing. Do Google Interns actually play Quiddich? Probably not, but it makes for some very funny moments. You’ll have to see the human Golden Snitch to believe it.

Can you imagine how many resumes the Google Human Resources department will get this summer?

When it comes to current buddy movie teams, Vaughn and Wilson are at the top of the class. Solid performances from the “kids” include the team leader, played by Josh Brener , and Max Minghella as the evil leader of the opposing team. There are also nice turns from Aasif Mandvi and Josh Gad (“Book of Mormon.”)

Watch for a couple of cameos from Will Farrell (uncredited) and Rob Riggles, as well as two blink-and-you’ll-miss-them bits from Google co-founder, Sergey Brin.

Of course in addition to the laugh out loud moments, there are plenty of feel good scenes. In this case the film may actually provide a good stepping off point for some good discussions with your children and grandchildren. “Education? Experience? Discuss.”

The Bottom Line: A nice way to spend a couple of hours in an air conditioned theater, and a good date movie.  Maybe even better to wait until the DVD comes out, or it’s on HBO.

MPGA Rating PG13 for sexuality, some crude humor, partying and language. 119 minutes. Rating:

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