The Heat

The girls are back in town.


Paul Fieg knows a little something about funny women.

In 2011 he directed “Bridesmaids,” the hugely successful all female comedy answer to “The Hangover.” “Bridesmaids” was also the film that unleashed the juggernaut that is Melissa McCarthy.  Now Fieg is back, along with McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, in the first female buddy cop movie, “The Heat.”

Bullock stars as uptight FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn, who annoys her male counterparts by always being right. Smug, and too smart for her own good, she is assigned to a track down a ruthless drug lord in Boston when her boss leaps at the opportunity to be rid of her. McCarthy pulls out all the stops as Shannon Mullins, a raunchy, foulmouthed Boston detective with a short fuse who scares every male cop in the precinct. Is it any wonder these two misfits will get paired up?

Katie Dippold’s (“Parks and Recreation”) screenplay is hilarious, though somewhat predicable and laden with clichés, but maybe that’s the point. “Heat” could be (and has been) made with two men, but Paul Fieg and company would be hard pressed to find two funnier actors than Bullock and McCarthy. Perhaps even more important, no reference is ever made regarding McCarthy’s weight. (Take note, Rex Reed.)

So what do we call this new genre? How about a bra-mance?

The Bottom Line: If you don’t mind a little crude with your funny, you’ll laugh for 2 hours. This is strictly for 17 year-olds and older, so take the young ones to “Monster’s University.”

1 hr. 57 min.  Rated R for pervasive language, strong crude content and profanity.

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